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Token Sales

PISWAP - Piswap is a decentralized exchange built on the #shibarium network platform, with the aim of creating a convenient space for investors within the #shibarmy community. Currently, there is a Fair Launch event happening on Gempad.
✅ https://gempad.app/presale/0xC899178D59A2dbB3B11014Dc9822Bc3e6dE51c77?chainId=109
Estimated DEX Listing Time: 2023-09-03 14:55
In addition to Piswap trading, it also offers additional features such as:
✅ Create Token - https://piswap.io/token-factory.html
✅ Create Launchpad Free - https://piswap.live/launch.html
✅ Create Lock token Free - https://piswap.io/pilock.html#/pinklock/create?chain=BSC-Test
✅ Farms LPs (serving the Launchpad on Piswap)
In terms of transparency, Piswap has completed KYC with #ICSA in collaboration with #Gempad.
✅ Github: https://github.com/CryptoEntertainmentLTD/ICSA-KYC-/blob/main/icsapiswapkyc.png
And there will be more verification steps to come afterward.
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