what is Launchpad?

launchpads, often referred to as crypto incubators, are platforms that let blockchain-based projects generate revenue while allowing their group of investors access to early-stage token sales. Investors that have access to early-stage deals benefit a lot before the market opens to the general public.

What makes the Launchpad on Piswap special?

The Launchpad on PiSwap is developed entirely in a decentralized manner, with the purpose of providing convenience to all projects seeking funding on the blockchain platform, particularly from new developers. Moreover, participants joining the Launchpad on PiSwap can have complete confidence in the liquidity of the projects funded through our Launchpad platform.

For a cryptocurrency project, the most crucial aspect is to have a robust liquidity, and ensuring the safety of liquidity means preventing anyone from having the power to cancel it.

To address this issue, we have developed a new protocol where all liquidity added by our Launchpad platform for a successful fundraising project will be contributed to a smart contract called LPs Farms.

By pooling all liquidity into the LPs Farms smart contract, it serves two beneficial purposes for the community of users engaging in projects launched on Piswap's Launchpad:

  • Permanent Liquidity: The liquidity will operate indefinitely, and no one, not even the project owner, can cancel the liquidity as it is fully controlled by the LPs Farms smart contract.

  • LPs Farms Rewards: The LPs Farms smart contract is automatically created right after a successful Launchpad. LPs Farms will function as an automated farm to distribute LPs tokens to the community. Instead of just mining the native token of a project like in other projects, users can mine LPs tokens by staking the LPs tokens they received after providing liquidity to a specific project.

Explanation: When you add liquidity to a particular project, you will receive LPs tokens. Afterward, you can take those LPs tokens to the LPs Farms and deposit them into the farm pool to start mining rewards in the form of the project's native tokens. However, in LPs Farms, you will receive LPs tokens as rewards, and this helps optimize and potentially increase your profits beyond the usual level.

By implementing this protocol, we ensure that liquidity is secure, and LPs Farms offer a rewarding mechanism for users to participate in projects launched on Piswap's Launchpad with greater benefits and optimization of their returns.

How is liquidity added on PiSwap Launchpad?

The liquidity on PiSwap Launchpad is fixed and set for all Launchpads initiated on the PiSwap Launchpad platform, as follows:

  • 80% of the raised capital from the Launchpad will be added to liquidity.

  • 16% of the raised capital from the Launchpad will be transferred to the project owner.

  • 4% of the raised capital (excluding a 1% referral fee, if applicable) will be allocated to the PiSwap Launchpad treasury.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Creating a Launchpad on PiSwap is entirely fee-less. We only charge a 4% fee on the total revenue generated by the project after a successful fundraising.

Presale Referrals

If you refer someone to an on-going presale through your referral link, you will earn 1% of their presale investments. The 1% referral reward is cut from PiSwap Launchpad 4% platform fees and is not taken from the project or investor.


Although LPs Farms ensures that liquidity cannot be pulled, malicious contracts can still infinitely mint tokens, prevent users from selling, or falsely imitate an existing project.

Please do your own research before investing.

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