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Airdrop Multi-Send

How to use the Airdrop Multi-Send service with Pi Swap?
Check out the steps below to learn how to send tokens to multiple wallets at once using Pi Swap with your MetaMask wallet on your desktop.
1. From the homepage: https://piswap.io/app.html#/home, click on “Airdrop Multi-Send
2. You will be redirected to this link: https://piswap.io/airdropper.html
3. To send tokens to multiple wallets at once, in the [Token Type] section, choose “Airdrop Token Or BONE”
4. Next, in the [Enter Token Address] section, you will enter the smart contract Token that you want to Airdrop to users, and the interface will be displayed as shown in the image below:
  • Airdrop tokens to as many users as desired
  • If you are running a sale make sure tokens are not airdropped until after!
  • Enter a list of users to airdrop followed by amount (comma separated)
  • Airdrop transactions can be dropped and may you lose tokens due to high gas fees, therefore first try with a lower number of users.
For tokens with special transfers burns, tax or other fees make sure the Pi Swap Airdrop Multi-Send address is whitelisted(excludeFromFee) before you deposit or you won't be able to withdraw!